Get It Up Productions (GIUP) established in 1999.  We offer automotive service from fresh looking drop kits, lifts, auto detailing, general mechanics, collision/refinishing and insurance claims.  A ride you will be proud to show your familia.
Our digital print shop provides most all of your advertising needs: stickers, vehicle wraps, business cards, and everything in between.
We are proud to be located in the heart of the Southside on Pleasanton Road.  Our top customer service provides an environment of quality work and a place you will want to come back.  We serve the community and honor our Military women and men.

Our Team:

JOSH - is the owner of GIUP.  He is a local Southside native.  He has earned his business tactics from great mentors of the Southside and has over 25 years of experience in this industry.  Josh is proud to be a Southside resident and remains true to his roots.  You can always find him around the shop “leading” the crew on creative projects.  He is greatly involved in community events, supports local school districts in their efforts to grow young entrepreneurs and believes that a chance for someone can provide opportunities to a positive change.     

TOMMY AKA Harley - is the management staff.   Harley is the car buff of GIUP.  With over 40 years of car building and breaking he has a compassion to appreciate “the good, the bad and the vintage” of all models of cars.  His love for cars exemplifies his service at GIUP.  Since the early 70′s Harley has been an avid collector of car magazines, attended national car shows, and participated in show and shines.  Grab a candy bar – coca cola and come on by.  He has interesting stories of his time that you surely want to hear when you come in.